Reading roundup - May/June

What a busy few months we’ve had! We supported the #KidsCantWait campaign and called for early implementation of the family income supplement, our Still Not Visible research was supported by MSPs, and our Policy Manager, Lindsey Millen graced the pages of Third Force News to school us all on the gender pay gap. Don’t worry if, like us, time has run away from you; we’ve curated a selection of the essential reading on women and the labour market from the last two months.

Shetland Islands Council announced their participation in Close the Gap’s world leading employer accreditation programme Equally Safe at Work.

Women’s incomes were disproportionately affected by changes in pension credit entitlement.

Job design and workplace culture increase the propensity of women working part time.

Holyrood magazine gave us a whistle-stop tour of the gender pay gap (with expert contribution from our Director, Anna Ritchie Allan).

The Investment Association issues warnings to 100 companies for failing to diversify their boards.

Scottish schools still have large gender gaps in subject choice, which fuels occupational segregation.

TUC research shows BME and LBT women are more likely to be sexually harassed at work.

Glasgow City Council were criticised for making deductions to equal pay claim awards.

A third of BME workers have been told to anglicise their names at work.

The undervaluing of “women’s roles” makes it hard to tackle occupational segregation in education.

The gender pay gap cannot be explained away by child rearing; women earn less than men from the beginning of their careers.

A new Unison report explores sexual harassment in the NHS.

Minority ethnic communities, women and disabled people still experience worse rates of unemployment in Scotland.

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