Close the Gap works in Scotland on women’s participation in the labour market.

We work with policymakers, employers and employees to influence and enable action to address the causes of women’s inequality at work.

  • LouRogers2014 profile imageGreat comments from @msakrit , executive director of @closethepaygap , on where the burden of responsibility should be. Hint: it’s not on women to ask for more pay. Amen 🙌
    closethepaygap profile image80% of women could be missing out on higher wages because they are not negotiating pay when applying for jobs. Half of female employees think they are underpaid - 70% who ask for more money receive a proportion or all of the amount they ask for. independent.co.uk/news/u… 16 hours ago
    8 hours ago by LouRogers2014
  • closethepaygap profile imageCheck out this blogpost from our policy and parliamentary officer @ruthboyler on integrating gender equality into #SNIB.
    closethepaygap profile imageAfter the news that gender equality will be built into the design of #SNIB Bill last week, we have an #OnTheEngender guest blog from Ruth Boyle at @closethepaygap exploring the process of building gender equality into a piece of legislation. Read it here: engender.org.uk/news/blo… Twitter embedded image 11 hours ago
    8 hours ago
  • closethepaygap profile imageThe onus for ensuring #equalpay is not on individual women to negotiate their salaries but on employers to implement robust and transparent pay systems. With comment from our Executive Director, @msakrit independent.co.uk/indepe… 12 hours ago
  • closethepaygap profile imageICYMI, last week we published our analysis of Scotland's latest #genderpaygap statistics. Read it here: closethegap.org.uk/conte… 15 hours ago