Close the Gap works in Scotland on women’s participation in the labour market.

We work with policymakers, employers and employees to influence and enable action to address the causes of women’s inequality at work.

  • closethepaygap profile image@scotgov Women have shouldered the worst of the economic impact of #COVID19, yet work on equality and human rights has been deprioritised throughout the pandemic. This cannot continue. 6 hours ago in reply to closethepaygap
  • closethepaygap profile imageIt is critical that @scotgov corrects this and ensures that the inquiry adopts an intersectional gender, equalities and human rights lens in order to understand and prevent future impacts for groups whose rights are most undermined. 6 hours ago in reply to closethepaygap
  • closethepaygap profile imageWe've joined with 26 other organisations across Scotland to write to @JohnSwinney expressing our disappointment that the Terms of Reference for the #Covid Inquiry doesn't mention equality or human rights. You can read the letter here: closethegap.org.uk/conte… 6 hours ago
  • NACWGScot profile image..The drive for green jobs must be accompanied by measures to develop upskilling and reskilling opportunities which take account of the gendered barriers to training and development." See @closethepaygap's work on green jobs and skills 👉bit.ly/CloseTheGap-CS #GenerationEqual 9 hours ago by NACWGScot