Guidance and tools for employers

This section contains guidance and tools that may assist employers in the public and private sectors to find and address gender pay gaps within their organisation.

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Flexible Working for All: Recommendations for employers

Close the Gap's research on the impact of the right to request flexible working regulations shows that it has not resulted in more flexible jobs for women in Scotland. We suggest that employers consider this list of recommendations, which are informed by the research findings.

Filename: FWFA-Recommendations-for-employers.pdf | File size: 182KB
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WiRES: What businesses can learn

A publication for employers which shares the findings from Close the Gap's project on women in renewable energy. This included developing the Women in Renewable Energy Scotland network, and delivering a mentoring programme. The project evidenced the key business benefits of suppporting women working in male-dominated industries and demonstrated women-only networks as a means of addressing women's under-representation in stereotypically male jobs and sectors.

Filename: CtG-Women-in-Renewable-Energy-Scotland---What-businesses-can-learn.pdf | File size: 543KB
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Public sector equality duty: Guidance for reporting on gender and employment

This guidance provides information to help Scottish public authorities meet the public sector equality duty as it relates to gender and employment. It focuses in particular on gathering, using and publishing employment data; gender mainstreaming; developing equality outcomes; calculating and using gender pay gap information; and publishing an equal pay statement, including occupational segregation information. It uses a number of synthesised good practice examples to illuminate the process of data gathering, analysis and use, and to increase understanding of how public authorities can use the duty to deliver improved employment practice and service provision.

Filename: Close-the-Gap-PSED-guidance-on-gender-and-employment-2016.pdf | File size: 608KB
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Gender Budget Analysis: Case Study

This case study was developed as part of a research project with Women in Scotland's Economy (WiSE) research centre. This case study is a worked example of a gender budget analysis tool for assessing spend on training and skills programmes. The project was funded by ESRC.

Filename: GBA-Case-Study.pdf | File size: 221KB
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Gender Budget Analysis Tool

This gender budget analysis tool was developed as part of a research project with Women in Scotland's Economy (WiSE) research centre. The tool enables an organisation to carry out an assessment of the spend on training or skills programmes, and to assess whether there is a gendered impact on employees. The project was funded by ESRC.

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Missing out on the benefits?

Close the Gap commissioned researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University to investigate the extent to which Scottish employers are taking actions to close any gender pay gaps. This brief summarises the findings and discusses the business benefits for employers who take steps to tackle workplace gender inequality.

Filename: MIssingoutonthebenefits-CTG.pdf | File size: 403KB
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Valuing Diversity: The business case for gender equality during an economic downturn (Emily Thomson)

This brief position paper outlines the main ‘business case’ arguments for action to close gender gaps in employment and reinvigorates them in light of the current economic downturn in Scotland.

Filename: Valuing-Diversity-CG.pdf | File size: 1049KB
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The relationship between actions to promote gender equality and profit (Emily Thomson, ERI)

This research collates and analyses the existing evidence in support of the business case for addressing gender inequality in individual firms.

Filename: The-relationship-between-actions-to-promote-gender-equality-and-profit.pdf | File size: 2281KB
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The business benefits to promoting gender equality in the life science sector

Close the Gap were delighted to contribute an article to the NEXXUS newsletter - Scotland's life science network. The article discusses the business benefits to the life science companies in promoting gender equality in the workplace.

Filename: Nexxus-Newsletter-Autumn-2010.pdf | File size: 1133KB
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Equal Pay Reviews and Job Evaluation: Guidance for Scotland's Colleges

This guidance provides information to help Scotland's colleges to analyse their pay policies and practices, to ensure that they are fair and equitable. Implementing an equal pay review will help colleges to comply with statutory obligations on them to deliver equal pay.

Filename: FE-Guidance-FINAL.pdf | File size: 686KB
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Equal Pay, Fair Pay: A small business guide to effective pay practices

A toolkit aimed at small businesses undertaking a pay review. It was originally produced in 2003 by the Equal Opportunities Commission in partnership with the Welsh Development Agency.

Filename: Equal-Pay-Fair-Pay.pdf | File size: 710KB
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Different but equal value guide

This guide, aimed at SME owners, will help employers to design fair pay systems that reward jobs of equal value equally.

Filename: CTG-Equal-value-guide.pdf | File size: 250KB
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Different but equal workbook

This workbook helps employers to compare jobs, to determine whether they are of equal value or not.

Filename: CTG-Equal-value-workbook.pdf | File size: 151KB
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Statutory Code of Practice on Equal Pay (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Laid before Parliament 27 July 2010. This is the authoritative, comprehensive and technical guide to the Act’s provisions intended to ensure that women and men receive the same pay and other contractual benefits when they are doing equal work.

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