Information for individuals

If you are not sure whether equal pay is an issue in your workplace, then the information in this section may be of assistance.

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WiRES: How we succeeded together

A report for members of Women in Renewable Energy Scotland network, about Close the Gap's project to develop the network, and deliver a mentoring programme.

Filename: CtG-Women-in-Renewable-Energy-Scotland---How-we-succeeded-together.pdf | File size: 323KB
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Toolkit for Student Officers

This toolkit is designed for student activists running equal pay campaigns on campus, and was developed in partnership with NUS Scotland.

Filename: toolkit-student-officers.pdf | File size: 191KB
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Statutory Code of Practice on Equal Pay (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

Laid before Parliament 27 July 2010. This is the authoritative, comprehensive and technical guide to the Act’s provisions intended to ensure that women and men receive the same pay and other contractual benefits when they are doing equal work.

Filename: 1374941573_equalpaycode.pdf | File size: 420KB