Managing pregnancy and maternity

Research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the UK Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills found that around one in nine mothers (11%) reported that they had lost their jobs because of pregnancy and maternity-related discrimination. If scaled up to the general population this could mean as many as 54,000 mothers a year across the UK.

It makes good business sense to manage pregnancy and maternity fairly. By supporting employees who are pregnant, on maternity leave, or just returned to work, you’ll retain key people, enhance your business’s reputation, and protect your business from costly tribunal claims.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has developed a range of helpful tools and resources to support employers in delivering best practice in managing pregnancy and maternity.

A suite of toolkits focusing on key aspects of pregnancy and maternity including:

Each toolkit contains guidance, model letters and checklists.

A comprehensive FAQs for employers where you can find the answers to questions you may have about managing an employee through pregnancy, maternity leave, and her return to work after maternity leave. You can find information about what the law says on pregnancy and maternity, how much statutory maternity pay you can claim back, and advice on how to stay in touch during her maternity leave.


Find more good practice case studies, and information about the best practice #WorksforMe campaign on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website.