What we do

Close the Gap works in a variety of ways with organisations of all types and sizes to encourage and enable action to address the causes of women's inequality at work.


We produce a range of reports and papers to provide context and analysis of women's inequality in the Scottish labour market. We work with a wide range of policymakers working around the labour market, skills and education to influence and ensure that the development of policy considers the barriers that women face in entering and progressing at work.

Project staff also participate in a range of working groups and external advisory groups on equalities, and respond to consultations.

Private sector

We work with individual companies, on a confidential basis, to support them to address the pay gaps in their organisations. We know that employers who pay fairly, and manage diversity, increase their productivity, innovation and improve staff morale.

We have helped organisations to analyse their pay systems for unintentional inequalities, to identify and remove barriers to women's progression, to evaluate new pay structures, and to ensure their bonus practices are as fair as possible. We have supported employers to tackle issues with recruitment & selection, introducing flexibility, and making a business case for equality.

Public sector

We work with individual organisations and sector representative bodies to support work to address women's inequality in the sector, and to meet the requirements of the public sector equality duty.

We have supported public sector bodies to carry out equal pay reviews, develope equal pay statements, report on their pay gaps and occupational segregation information, and identify and remove barriers to women's progression. This has included work on flexible working, occupational segregation, and recruitment and selection.

We have published guidance for the public authorities on complying with the equal pay and occupational segregation elements of the public sector equality duty, and guidance on equal pay reviews and job evaluation for Scotland's colleges.

Smaller employers

We work to raise awareness of the business case for gender equality with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), particularly in the growth sectors of the economy.

We have developed a free, online self-assessment tool for smaller employers which allows you to assess your employment practice. It also provides you with tailored advice and guidance about the ways in which your business can benefit from gender diversity.

To find out more go to www.thinkbusinessthinkequality.org.uk or download the app.

Trade unions

We have worked with a range of individual unions to raise awareness of the pay gap, and to build capacity among reps to address occupational segregation and tackle unequal pay within their workplaces. We have produced a range of publications for reps, including on pensions, equal pay reviews, occupational segregation, the public sector equality duty, and bargaining for equal pay.

If you would like Close the Gap’s support on a piece of work to address women's inequality at work, please contact us.

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