Call for participants: Research on managing paid work with caring roles

Would you be interested in taking part in research which will expand the evidence base on the gender pay gap in Scotland?

Close the Gap is working with a PhD student at University of Manchester, Joanna Wilson, whose work is focused on Scotland's pay gap. Joanna is just about to start her field work and is recruiting interview participants to discuss how the level of workplace flexibility affects the unpaid caring they do. Joanna is looking to speak to both women and men, and is particularly interested in speaking to those in non-managerial jobs and self-employed. She would also like to speak to Black and minority ethnic people.

Participants will receive a shopping voucher as a thank you for their time.

Find out more about what's involved here.

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Close the Gap on April 4, 2019

Thanks for getting in touch; while we recognise the particular challenges for single parents this particular research is looking at the distribution of unpaid care in mixed sex households.

Karen Harper on March 25, 2019

Are you interested in hearing from single parents?