New Working Paper on Scotland's gender pay gap

Close the Gap has recently published its most recent working paper on gender pay gap statistics with a specific analysis of Scotland’s gender pay gap.

The paper uses the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) tables to calculate the average difference in pay between women and men working in Scotland.

The overall mean gender pay gap has remained high at 14.8% for Scotland, meaning that women on average earn 85p for every £1 men earn.

The part-time pay gap has increased by over 1 percentage point to 33.5%. The part-time pay gap is calculated by comparing part-time women’s average earnings to men’s average full-time earnings, and is illustrative of the concentration of part-time work in undervalued low paid work such as cleaning, admin, caring and retail.

The working paper also provides information on the average difference in earnings in across different age groups, occupational groups, and an analysis of the Scottish gender pay gap over time.

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