April's news roundup

It has been a busy month in the land of women and work, with stories focussing on the early presence and impact of gender stereotyping in children and young people's lives, discrimination in employment contracts and hiring processes, women's organisation's voices in the upcoming Scottish Election, and the economic benefits of gender equality. We've pulled them together here, in one handy post, for all your gender and employment news needs.

Is it time for a women’s trade union?

The gender pay gap never quits: it won’t even stop working when you do

'Boys will be boys': Are gender stereotypes harming Scottish children?

EHRC find new junior doctor contract discriminates against female medics and is potentially illegal

Just one in five films made in Europe is directed by a woman

Research finds a woman's chances of being hired are statistically zero if she's only woman in a pool of finalists

Women hold less than 25% of UK board positions as previous work to improve representation loses momentum

Workplace health and safety risks force pregnant women and mothers to quit jobs

Sixteen women’s organisations sign up to Engender’s call for single payments of Universal Credit

Women’s organisations warn switch to Universal Credit will trap women in abusive relationships

Paypal hold all-male panel on gender equality in the workplace

Economy could be £17bn better off by eliminating the gender gap, Close the Gap report finds

Engender launch new paper on Scottish parliament election asks on violence against women

Nicola Sturgeon pledges to impose penalties on councils dragging their feet on equal pay claims

Discrimination, “choice”, and the gender pay gap

Middle class feminism has a blind spot over female cleaners

Only one fifth of working women in Scotland are employed in STEM

Women’s Budget Group publish comprehensive gender assessment of the UK 2016 Budget

Research shows only a tiny proportion of new fathers are opting for shared parental leave

The role of early years professionals in tackling gender stereotypes

Female architects speak out on industry sexism in tributes to Zaha Hadid

UK Government’s own equality impact assessment shows disproportionate impact of new contracts on female junior doctors

Extent of gender stereotyping laid bare in short film depicting primary school children’s drawings

Women and Equalities Committee launches new inquiry into pregnancy and maternity discrimination following the Equality and Human Rights Commission report

Teachers’ leaders says sexist bullying still prevalent in classroom, which sees girls’ voices silenced

And finally, taking the biscuit this month we have:

Microsoft hire "exotic dancers" for their Game Developer Conference, and wonder why there aren't more women in games industry

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