Close the Gap is a partnership project working in Scotland on women's participation in the labour market. We work with employers, employees and policymakers to enable and encourage action to address the causes of women's inequality at work.


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For employers

Taking action to close the gender pay gap in your organisation could boost productivity and protect the business from costly tribunal claims.

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For policymakers

Ensuring that your policies, programmes and services consider the needs of women and men will advance gender equality.

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For union reps

As a workplace rep, you have an important role to play in promoting equality for women and men.

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For individuals

Equal pay makes a difference to working men and women. You can help to make your workplace fair and flexible.

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Revised draft gender pay gap reporting regulations to be laid before the UK Parliament 2016 has seen a greater focus on the economic benefits of reducing gender pay gap. Close the Gap published Gender Equality Pays, which sets out the evidence of the economic case for addressing women’s labour market inequality. A range of global business organisations including McKinsey and Co, and PwC have also published reports on the business and economic benefits of addressing the gender pay gap.

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October (& September) News Roundup

New Gender Pay Gap Remains Stubbornly High

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  • 'A lot of gender inequality is difficult to see because it's structural & ingrained, e.g. chronic undervaluing of women's work' #WEmFEvents 16 minutes ago
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