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Close the Gap works in Scotland on women’s participation in the labour market.

We work with policymakers, employers and employees to influence and enable action to address the causes of women’s inequality at work.

  • ZTScotland profile imageWe are delighted to launch our new #YouCanBe campaign animation. Please RT and follow our @YouCanBe campaign to tackle gender stereotyping in the early years on Twitter for the latest updates, interesting facts, tips and ideas on the gender-equal play, feminist parenting and more
    closethepaygap profile imageWatch our new #YouCanBe animation to see what you can do to help children get the best start in life and allow them to be free to be themselves. Please RT and help us reach all people who look after and/or work with children. Join our campaign here: bit.ly/33NWT6Q
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  • EngenderScot profile image📉Along with @closethepaygap we submitted a response to the #AGER report with 7 key recommendations for the Scottish Government to consider, covering infrastructure, the care sector review, training & women in the workplace. Read the full response here: engender.org.uk/content/… 5 hours ago by EngenderScot
  • EngenderScot profile image📊You can check out our 9 principles for an economic recovery that works for women, jointly produced with @closethepaygap, & endorsed by women's & parenting organisations in this thread here ⬇
    closethepaygap profile image📢Today, alongside @closethepaygap, we’re calling for a radical rethink of how Scotland’s economy can recover from the downturn caused by #COVIDー19. We’ve published 9 principles for an economic recovery that works for women, supported by women’s & parenting organisations ⬇ Twitter embedded image 2 months ago
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  • EngenderScot profile image💷Ahead of the debate on an Implementation Plan for Economic Recovery today, we've published our briefing for MSPs, calling on @ScotGov to go further to ensure economic recovery actively realises women’s economic rights & revalues women’s work. Read more: engender.org.uk/content/… Twitter embedded image 5 hours ago by EngenderScot