Close the Gap is a partnership project working in Scotland on women's participation in the labour market. We work with employers, employees and policymakers to enable and encourage action to address the causes of women's inequality at work.


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For employers

Taking action to close the gender pay gap in your organisation could boost productivity and protect the business from costly tribunal claims.

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For policymakers

Ensuring that your policies, programmes and services consider the needs of women and men will advance gender equality.

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For union reps

As a workplace rep, you have an important role to play in promoting equality for women and men.

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For individuals

Equal pay makes a difference to working men and women. You can help to make your workplace fair and flexible.

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June's News Roundup You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the actual weekend, but you can get that Friday feeling now with our women and work news roundup for June. Extra added bonus for all those suffering newsfeed fatigue - this post contains 0% Brexit. but we can't promise it won't inspire consternation for other reasons. Choice topics include the insidious impact of gender stereotyping on girls, and advice being given to employers to allow their employees to work flexibly so they can watch the football (who knew those trying to balance work and caring responsibilities had their priorities so wrong?). No need to break out the wildfire yet, as there are *some* things to be cheerful about, with HE pay rises to tackle the professorial gender pay gap, and Police Scotland introducing the hijab to their uniform. Refill your favourite slogan-emblazoned mug and have a read.

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May's news roundup

Everything you ever wanted to know about gender budgeting but were afraid to ask

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