August's News Roundup

It's that time of the month again; time to reflect on where women are in the labour market through the medium of the media. One particular story had us all frustrated - the obligatory furore over two reports published on the gender pay gap. Headlines declared 'Scotland's pay gap worst in UK!' (it's not) and 'Pay gap all down to having children!' (wrong again), reducing the complex issue of women's labour market inequality to tomorrow's chip paper. It's great to see the issues faced by women in the workforce receiving more coverage in the media, but this kind of inaccurate and sensationalised reporting just provides fodder for those naysayers who like to insist the pay gap isn't a thing. Women's labour market inequality is complex and entrenched, and worthy of more than a bi-annual write-up. We must change the discussion.

Please enjoy this convenient rundown of this month's ladies' labour market news with your chosen beverage. Get comfy - it's a long one.

Women & Equalities Committee calls for ban on businesses sacking women who are pregnant or new parents

Scottish Government launches new labour market strategy, reaffirming commitment to ‘tackle the pay gap and occupational segregation’

Opportunity to work on the amazing Building Equality project - admin worker vacancy at Scottish Women’s Aid

Teachers encouraged to confront sexism in schools in EIS's Get It Right For Girls report

HEFCE study shows professional jobs remain dominated by white, male, well-off graduates

Women do not choose to be paid less than men

Five reasons that media coverage of the pay gap is so bad

Prepare your daughter for working life. Give her less pocket money than your son.

The gender pay gap: behind the headlines

Job segregation a major cause of wage inequality, say women's groups

UK women still far adrift on salary and promotion as gender pay gap remains a gulf

Scotland has worst gender pay gap in UK, report claims (inaccurately)

New public sector equality duty guidance on gender and employment launched

Citizens Advice reports 60% rise in women facing discrimination on taking maternity leave

Parents struggle to access free childcare entitlement in Scotland, 90% of council provision offering half days only

Universities need to do more to challenge the "brilliant young man" image of the perfect academic career track

Female students facing squeeze as Scottish universities told to recruit more men

Free training sessions for public authorities on the public sector equality duty

Sports Direct staff 'who took maternity leave put on zero-hours contracts'

Information and support for anyone experiencing sexual violence and harassment in the workplace

New report from Women & Equalities Committee finds Muslin women face triple penalty impacting on their employment prospects

Corbyn criticised after selecting male candidates for all three of next year's mayoral elections

Engender calls for integrated strategy to tackle sexual harassment in Scotland

New survey from the TUC & Everyday Sexism project shows half of UK women have been sexually harassed at work

Lloyd's bank faces legal challenge over female employees' pensions

Sexism in tech: when a professional interview is used to proposition

Women working in advertising reveal rampant sexism and macho culture of Mad Men still persists

Fully qualified female deck officer refused job by employer who said "we WILL not offer places for female cadets"

Massachusetts to adopt equal pay law making it illegal for employers to ask employees about their salary history

Iran postpones exams for recruitment of government staff after it emerged that job quotas discriminated against women

"We are alienating [kids] from potential careers before they’ve even considered what they might grow into"

Our Be What You Want campaign has blogged on *that* Gap advert

Gap accused of sexism over 'social butterfly' children's T-shirt ad

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