What’s Violence Against Women got to do with women’s labour market inequality? Close the Gap’s new animation explains.

Close the Gap has developed a short animation for Equally Safe at Work that explains the link between violence against women (VAW) and women’s labour market inequality. Tackling women’s inequality in the workplace is a necessary step in preventing VAW, so employers therefore have a key role to play.

Having an understanding of the causal story is a critical component of Equally Safe at Work. Employers need to understand the problem, and their role in designing and delivering solutions, if they are to develop gender-sensitive employment practice.

The evaluation of the pilot of Equally Safe at Work identified that there is a need for capacity building among employers and staff on the link between VAW, gender inequality, and women’s labour market inequality. This animation conveys a complex problem in a simple and accessible way. It will be used as a learning resource for employers engaged with Equally Safe at Work to build knowledge and awareness around VAW and women’s employment.

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