Welcome to the pay gap

Close the Gap is proud to share this short animation on the causes of the gender pay gap, which we created with media co-op.

We know the gender pay gap goes far beyond the principle of equal pay for equal work, and responses to the pay gap must also take a bolder approach than simply focusing on the legal definition of equal pay. The causes of the gender pay gap include gender stereotyping, the undervaluation of women’s work, a lack of quality part-time and flexible work, exorbitant childcare costs, male-centric workplace cultures which feel exclusive to women, discrimination and more.

The gender pay gap is a structural problem, and requires a strategic, cohesive response to address its complex and inter-related causes. We are yet to see that in Scotland, or in the UK, and as a result progress on closing the pay gap has been glacial, with no substantive change in the everyday experiences of working women.

We hope this short film will help shed light on the causes of the pay gap, and encourage all stakeholders to take action. It’s up to all of us to close the gap.

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Katrina on March 21, 2019

Great animation to show in very simple terms what some of the issues are