September monthly reading roundup

There are normally very few things that brighten up a Monday morning, but our monthly reading roundup is here just in time for an extra long coffee break (you deserve it!). September saw the marking of the first mothers’ equal pay day, parliament saw its first baby attendee and we all wished Serena Williams would be our best friend.

Serena Williams is penalised more harshly than her male peers over on court conduct

One in five employers admit they “frown upon” female employees who become pregnant in their first year of beginning a new role

Young Women’s Trust poll shows that only 8% of women who were sexually harassed at work would report it

Inflation in childcare costs has massively outstripped wage rises over the last ten years

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell announces she will donate her $3 million research prize to help underrepresented students in physics

Data shows poor ethnic diversity among UK University Professors

September 12th marked mothers’ equal pay day in the UK

Only 30% of British people could choose the correct definition of the gender pay gap according to a YouGov poll

The House of Commons welcomed their first ever baby

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