October monthly reading roundup

This month saw the UK’s gender pay gap drop so slightly that you’d be forgiven for not even noticing, low paid women walking out of their workplaces for two days demanding an end to their decade long equal pay dispute and us, playing with this majestic owl.


Grab a cup of coffee and prepare for your monthly fix of all things women and work in Scotland.

Close the Gap launched our new briefing on women, work and poverty during #ChallengePovertyWeek

The ONS pegs the value of cooking, cleaning and childcare carried out by each person in the UK at £1.24tn – that’s almost £19,000 per PERSON!

Thousands of women protested in London over state pension age rises which have left many destitute

New powers were sought to require employers to offer paid leave to employees who were in the process of leaving an abusive partner

Three quarters of workers in the UK were found to take home variable monthly pay

A Police Scotland Inspector demanded that women in the firearms unit always had to have a male officer with them, from a "balance of testosterone perspective"

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