October (& September) News Roundup

We've been busier than usual bees this past while, so we missed September's news roundup. Not to worry though - we've packed the very best (and worst) stories on women and work into this month's bumper edition. Recent headlines cheer on the (very small) decrease in Scotland's gender pay gap (helpfully using the full-time pay gap, which excludes over 40% of working women), alongside less welcome news that sexism and sexual harassment is considered "the norm" in schools, and TUC research which shows women earn £8500 a year less than men by the time they reach their 50s. Ugh.

Now October's over we're putting the finishing touches to our CtG Bunker, just in case the U.S. election goes belly-up. Who knows what November's newsround will look like. We hope it's pantsuits all round.

Women are the majority of public sector workers, future workforce strategies must have a gender analysis

‘Glacial’ pace of change on gender gap is costing country £17 billion, with comment from us

The pay gap is closing, but not fast enough

Women work 39 days a year more than men

The focus on full-time pay gap only is not helpful. 40% of working women are in (mostly low-paid) part-time jobs.

Scotland's gender pay gap remains stubbornly high at 15% - blog

Icelandic women leaving work at 14:38 today - the time in a work day when they effectively stop being paid

More than 40% of young women believe their gender will count against them during their careers

Asda workers win major step in equal pay claim battle

Report shows sexism & sexual harassment against girls is a daily occurrence & the norm at school

"I’ve had several of them touch my bum ‘for a laugh'": tradeswomen share their stories

TUC research shows women earn £8500 a year less than men by the time they reach their 50s

Charity launches Building Equality project to tackle roots of domestic abuse

On International Day of the Girl, this film shows how girls face discrimination even before they are born

Over on the blog today we're all about #AdaLovelaceDay #ada16

Girls do 50% more chores than boys which has "lasting effects on [girls'] self-esteem and sense of self-worth"

Campaigners call for Scotland's new social security system to have women's equality at its heart

New research by Family Friendly Working Scotland finds just 12% of parents and carers feel they're got the right work-life balance

Within a generation or by 2069? Getting rid of the gender pay gap poses difficult questions

Coalition of businesses unite to end pregnancy discrimination in workplaces, supported by EHRC

Today on our blog Francis Stuart of Oxfam Scotland asks what does decent work mean to women?

Just £189m of £329m childcare fund given by Scottish Government to local authorities has been spent delivering childcare

Glasgow firm Pursuit Marketing, one of the first businesses to use our Think Business, Think Equality tool, moves to 4 day week, maintaining salary levels. Already productivity is up & sickness down.

Emails reveal toxic sexist workplace culture at Apple

TUC Equality Audit 2016: 46% of unions reported bargaining gains for women

Engender’s gender edit of the 2016 Programme for Government

Oxfam Scotland’s Decent Work research - useful data on low-paid women and work, and highlights some gendered differences in what makes decent work

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