GUEST POST: Women in Scotland's Economy Research Centre: A WiSER approach

I am very pleased to introduce the Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) Research Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University. This newly created centre aims to promote and make visible women’s contribution to Scotland’s economy through high quality research and other knowledge transfer activities. Closing the gap between men and women will improve Scotland’s economic position. However, traditional economic approaches often fail to fully recognise women’s economic contribution and their productive potential.

The WiSE Research Centre brings an alternative perspective to the analysis of women’s economic position in Scotland, with analysis and commentary based on feminist economics. Followers of the Close the Gap blog will be interested in WiSE outputs; research briefings, academic commentary and analysis across a range of issues in Scotland’s economy which will be available in a variety of formats.

Issues of equal pay and occupational segregation have long been a focus for WiSE staff who have worked closely with Close the Gap to promote the business/economic efficiency case for gender equality and to deliver ‘Economics for Equality’. We hope to continue to work with Close the Gap on these and other issues for the benefit of women in Scotland and Scotland’s economy.

To keep up to date with WiSE activities, events and research please check our website regularly or better yet, join our mailing list by emailing Alison Lockhart, Senior Research Officer with WiSE .

Emily Thomson is Co-Director of the Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) Research Centre, and Lecturer in the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University.

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