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This week there are a couple of events to highlight for May, including a conference about the challenges of promoting equality during hard economic times and details of the WiSE Conference.


20th May 2011

Promoting Equality During Austerity

MacKay-Hannah Conference. Keynote speaker is Alison Pritchard, Head of Strategy GEO. Other speakers include, Professor Ailsa McKay, Vice-Dean of CBS and Professor of Economics, Glasgow Caledonian University. 

24-25 May 2011

WiSE Conference: Counting on Women- Gender, Care and Economics

Speakers: Professor Marilyn Waring, globally renowned feminist economist and Professor Martha Fineman, internationally renowned law and society scholar.

6 May 2011

Women in Mathematics Day

The London Mathematical Society is organising this all day event.

19 May 2011

Women in Energy Day

The Society of Petroleum Engineers and Women in Mining are hosting an event for women interested in working in the energy Sector. Taking place in London.


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