Close the Gap newsround (40)

This edition for December and January captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.




The Guardian

All I want for Christmas: equal pay and more women in management

Lloyds of London appoints first female chief executive in 325-year history

Marks and Spencer agreed to gender-neutral toy packaging

The widening UK pay gap is a disgrace - but fixing it isn't rocket science

Women: Project 28-40 needs you!

The Independent

More than half of women are discriminated against at work


Why tougher measures are needed to tackle the gender pay gap

Evening Telegraph

Gender pay gap in Dundee wides to £4000

Wales Online

Gender pay gap in Wales wider than thought

Leading Company

Old gender stereotypes perpetuate an old problem: gender inequality



Toys R Us' Stockholm superstore goes gender neutral


Data on pay gap between male and female graduates dropped from report


Women breaking through the Glass Ceiling


Bridging the Gender Gap: Encouraging in STEM starts at home

7 graphs that show the gender divide young women are facing in the workplace

Gender pay gap worst for women architects in America

Key to fixing wage gap is flexibility, says head of Economic Association

Orlando lawyer goes extra mile to provide work-life balance for women

Where in the world are the women of the tech industry?

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