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Wednesday 8th June, Engender Office, 5.30 – 7pm 

Is it time for Quotas?

After this month’s Scottish Parliamentary elections, we now have 45 women MSP’s out of 129, that’s 34.8%. Though the number is up from 43 (33.3%), after the 2007 election, the trend behind the numbers – with more women being elected from regional lists than constituency votes for the first time – points to a gradual decline. 

Scottish Women's Convention

Roadshows to engage with women across Scotland. Various dates and places throughout June.


Gender equality-it's just good economic sense

The Corporate Gender Gap Report: how is the UK performing?

Schools failing to help girls escape career stereotypes, says Ofsted

Female engineer heads up Engineering Council

It's true – there are too few women presenting science on TV

Women at the Top: employers urged to create a robust 'pipeline' for women's progression

In Switzerland women earn 41% less than men

The cost of failing to address equal pay in local governement

Christine Largarde, French Finance Minister announces candidacy for top post at IMF

Michelle Bachelet in address to UK Parliament says gender eqaulity means improved GNP

In Australia women would need to work an extra 63 days to close the pay gap

Concern over the impact of the UK Government's policies on women

Ireland proposing to remove funding from parties unless gender quota is reached

Quotas and women-only shortlists aren't popular, but they work


UK Government, deadline 10 June: Women's Engagement: Strengthening women's voices in Government.

European Commission, deadline 15 June: Public consultation on the future funding activities in the area of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Equalities


Research conducted with German companies on felxible working times reveals the tensions between imposed flexible time, employee autonomy and productivity. Full research reference:

Kattenbach R., Demerouti E., & Nachreiner F., (2010) 'Flexible working times: effects on employees' exhaustion, work-nonwork conflict and job performance', Career Development International, Vol.15, No. 3, pp 279-295.

Opportunity Now Benchmarking Trend Analysis 2010-2011

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