Close the Gap newsround (48)

This edition for July and August captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.



Older female employment rate to overtake men

The Guardian

Flexible working is on its way - know your rights

Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn urges media to change labels given to women

Just 4.4% of rail engineers are women. It's time for change

London revealed to have lowest percentage of female directors

The tech industry gender gap: what can we learn from Europe

Five lessons in leadership from the UK's smartest women

Why Bob the Builder is keeping women out of construction

Gender bias in the film industry: 75% of blockbuster crews are male

BBC ordered to tackle 'gender imbalance' among presenters

Put your money where your mouth is: Why the pay gap is widening

10 sexist scenarios that women face at work

The Independent

Adverts for women: The gender agenda

The Telegraph

Now that you can, will you ask your boss for flexible working?

Personal view: Why engineering is women's work

Oh Google! Girls don't need jewellery to enjoy computing

Glencore becomes last FTSE 100 firm to appoint women director

Help close the gender pay gap for the sake of your sister, mother and daughter

Women wait almost 20 years longer than men before they earn £1million

The HR Director

Flexible workers still stigmatized by colleagues

Huffington Post UK

Why can't women be coders too?


Compulsory equal pay reports proposed by Liberal Democrats

Compulsory audits add weight to equal pay claims

Evening Standard

Pay gap widens as women earn 13 per cent less than men in London

The Conversation

Men earn £2,000 more than women within six months of graduating

Think Progress

The wage penalty for becoming a mother is the same now as it was in 1977

DLA Piper

New regulations give tribunals the power to order equal pay audits


Women can't escape gender gap even in retirement

Gender equity can make America competitive

Powerful ad shows what a little girl hears when you tell her she's pretty

Google developer conference features tech industry's latest trend: more women

Gender pay gap in IT sector is 29%

Half of working mothers face discrimination at work, study finds

Japanese leader Abe wants more women to work. So he's got big plans for day care

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