Close the Gap newsround (47)

This edition for June captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.



Equality and Human Rights Commission

Court of session judge in Glasgow City Council ALEO equal pay appeal

The Guardian

Why are women's claims of workplace sexist constantly brushed aside?

Want to get more women into tech? Ditch the beanbags

Grammar schools create wider pay gap, research finds

Sexism and unsociable hours: why less than a third of Councillors are women

Gender pay gap hits middle-earning women hardest

Hey marketing folk, don't taint me with your World Cup gender stereotypes

Austerity cuts disproportionately affect women because of government failure

From the archive, 20 June 1968: Women strikers at Ford Dagenham sense victory


Labour party urges action on equal pay

Lego make first female scientists figures, after campaign

The Herald

Action demanded after study reveals rising gender pay gap

Heading in the wrong direction on equal pay

The Telegraph

Have women really never had it so good in the workplace?

The New Statesman

More female plumbers, but they suffer worst pay gap

The Sunday Times

Working mothers 'key to success'


UK business demands leadership: 'Gender should not define what people earn'

Yorkshire Post

Greg Wright: Lack of women in executive posts is shameful


The wage war continues


Are you fed up of the gender pay gap? It's time to do something about it

The Conversation

Only 17% of UK universities are run by women - why?


Japan to improve 'after school' care for children, allowing more women to work

Google employs just 30% women and 2% black people, report shows

Women's networks transform lives

The growing gap between millennial men and women's wages

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