Close the Gap newsround (46)

This edition for May captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.




The Guardian

Women in Technology: No progress on inequality for 10 years

Why our energy sector faces a skills crisis - and how to solve it

The Independent

The forgotten army of over-50s women, whose unemployment has jumped by 45% since 2010

Women paid less than men at Whitehall, figures show

The Herald

Percentage of women in offshore oil industry drops

The Telegraph

Why is Britain such a bad place to be a mother?

Number of women-directed TV shows lowest for 40 years

The Edinburgh Reporter

Stockbridge Library Exhibition - the Scottish women's hospitals in World War One

Huffington Post

Absence of women in top media jobs must be addressed

This is Money

Women retire on pensions worth £6,700 a year less than men's - the widest gender income gap since 2010

Real Business

Benefits of women in IT

The Engineer

Think female

City AM

Why making it easier to volunteer would narrow Britain's gender pay gap

Cosmopolitan UK

Self-employed women earning 40% less than men


'No limitations': Ireland's top women scientists gather to showcase their work

Norway has found a solution to the gender wage gap that America needs to try

Gender wage gap points to broader negotiations disparities

More women on food stamps than in the work force

In depressing pay gap news...

Girls paid less than boys, even as children

China's growing gender gap: women are not just 'leftover' but left out




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