Close the Gap newsround (45)

This edition for April captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.


The Guardian

How flexible working is good for you - and for your career

The fightback against gendered toys

Four groups bringing together women in tech

Why a chocolate bar is keeping women out of construction

Why the creative industries still offer the most inspiring environment for women leaders

Women still vastly outnumbered by men on UK radio and TV news

Gender pay gap revealed in survey of sustainability professionals

Returnships: A bridge back to work for women leaders

The Telegraph

'Legal aid cuts will help public schools boys get to the top' says top female judge

Fife Today

How Fife women broke the mould

News Wales

National Assembly names a top employer of women

Stronger Unions

The role unions can play in closing the gender pay gap in the private sector

HR Magazine

Females lack role models in science, according to YouGov poll

Huffington Post

Women in STEM: The truth about working in a male-dominated field and how to get more girls on board

Computer Weekly

It's crucial we inspire women to consider a career in the industry


Obama: US Gender wage gap 'not right'

Gender inequality in the labour market: don't call it a wage gap

'Tween' TV programming promotes gender roles stereotypes

Working overtime can be detrimental to professional success

Not all women get to decide between opting out and leaning in

Next stop: Equal pay day

Why women are paid less money than men in 2014

We've stopped making progress in closing the gender wage gap

Its time we all think outside of the gender box

UAE Women: The globe-trotting petrofac chemical engineer

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