Close the Gap newsround (43)

This edition for February captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.


BBC News

Close civil service gender pay gap, Labour urges government.

The Guardian

There's a de facto 'sex partition' in the workplace

UK urged to close gender pay gap and improve participation rates

The Telegraph

Women sick days: Is caring for kids or relatives really still seen as a woman's job

The Independent

Mothers priced out of the UK workforce by high childcare costs Employee Benefit

Herald Scotland

Council settles equal pay dispute

ITV News

Morrisons backs calls to end gender stereotypes in toys


Women are kind and men are strong: how benevolent sexism hurts us all

The gender gap no one talks about: Retirement

Yorkshire Post

Low paid jobs 'trap' women aged over 50

Employment Benefits

Part-time working mums earn 22% less an hour

Public Finance

Affordable childcare needed to tackle 'motherhood pay penalty'

Cambridge Network

Women's leadership programme aims to empower female employees

The Online Recruitment Resource

Gender pay gap on the rise

Digital Journal

Lack of female scientists in the UK

Science Careers

More action needed to retain women in science

Mercury 24

'Skirting Science' is proving jobs for the boys can be for girls

PR Web

Women are smashing the glass ceiling in the retail industry

Women's Views on News

Why women's careers stall in their 30s

The Voice

Universities told to 'pull socks up' over women in sciences


Women work on month 'for free'

These women are building the software that quietly runs the world

Most Americans Support Raising Minimum Wage, Equal Pay For Women

Field of study may be key to achieving gender income equality

I'm an engineer, not a cheerleader. Let's abandon silly rules about gender roles

Companies with fewer than 1,000 staff may escape gender reporting

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