Close the Gap newsround (39)

This edition for December captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.



UK gender pay gap increases

2013 UK earnings and gender pay gap data blog


Female apprentices train for low-paid jobs, TUC report says

State schools 'making gender bias worse'

Women engineers boosted by postgraduate grant plans

The Guardian

Gender diversity: three reasons to get more women into senior roles

Gender equality: why women are still held back

Number of shops dividing toy departments into sections for boys and girls falls

Reinforcing gender stereotypes: how our schools narrow children's choices

UK remains reliant on part-time workers, Manpower survey shows

Mothers in paid jobs 'still wrongly depicted as scatty clock watchers'


A gender gap that simply doesn't add up

Gender stereotyping is what stops girls from doing well at maths and science

Now's the time to end the boys' and girls' gender toy divide


Pregnant? Don't expect your job back

Times Higher Education

Governance gender gap still yawning


A natural remedy for private equity's women woes

Gender pay gap is narrowest on record for new workers, Pew says

Widening of Romania's gender pay gap, biggest in Europe

Wonderful to be a woman? It still pays more to be a man

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