Close the Gap newsround (30)

This edition for August captures articles related to the gender pay gap and its causes, including pay discrimination and occupational segregation.


Scottish TV News

Call for Modern Apprenticeship targets to be more explicit as report reveals women and disabled workers continue to be excluded

Rutherglen and Cambuslang workers

South Lanarkshire workers welcome equal pay decision

Herald Scotland

Increase in number of women as main household earner


Call to arms over sexism in science

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Apprenticeship schemes excluding women and disabled workers

Charted Institute of Personnel and Development

Supreme Court rules in favour of women workers in long-running equal pay case

Why being more female isn't about hiring more women.

People Management

What Nordic countries know about paternity?

The Telegraph

Women retire later than ever before, figures show

CEDAW Committee's examination of the UK

Engender - concluding observations from CEDAW are good news for women

CEDAW Full report on UK

NEWS - Europe and International

DU professor files gender-based wage-bias case against law school (USA)

For working moms, it's about 'and,' not 'or' (USA)

EEOC sues owner of Extended Stay America hotel in St. Mary's Co (USA)

Flexible working: men not requesting it because the think it's a woman's thing (Australia)

Women working flexibly more productive: Study (Australia)

Childcare workers launch landmark equal pay case (Australia)

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