Close the Gap newsround (26)

This edition captures articles on childcare, occupational segregation, and issues related to the gender pay gap and its causes.

NEWS - General

The Herald

No easy answers in the struggle for equal pay

Europe's costliest childcare

Better gender balance in classroom will benefit all

The Guardian

How do you fit six toddlers into a buggy? Ask Liz Truss

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg attacks gender stereotypes at work

Women fare better in independent films than in Hollywood, study finds

Davos 2013: why are only 17% of delegates women?

Ursula Brennan: 'relentless focus' needed to maintain gender diversity

Broadcasting's gender imbalance is inexcusable after Expert Women's Day

Women are the losers in child benefit cuts, says Labour

UK's top firms more male-dominated than FTSE rivals, new data reveals

Daily Record

Workers win £2m equal wage battle against South Ayrshire Council

New Statesman

Britain's own war on women


Government policy has made childcare even more unaffordable, says TUC


The Childcare Conundrum

BBC News

NHS Scotland 'facing equal pay timebomb'

Birmingham City Council £200m short to pay equal pay bill

4 News

Childcare Q&A: FactChecking early years reform

NEWS - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

The Guardian

Sexual discrimination in science: why we must act now

Few women at top in engineering, science and tech firms, MPs told

Engineering: not for girls?

The Scotsman

Technical fault: The worrying brain drain of women from science and technology


Scottish Women’s Convention - International Women’s Day 2013

The SWC International Women’s Day event will be held on Saturday 9th March 2013 in the Scottish Parliament with permission of the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body.

The event will begin around 12.30pm to allow for registration and lunch.

We will take our seats within the Debating Chamber at 2.00 pm where we will be joined by a number of invited speakers.

An opportunity for networking will be available from 4.00pm – 6.00pm

If you wish to register your interest in attending this free event please do so either by emailing: or telephoning 0141 339 4797


21st February  6-8 pm Get involved in UN Women Scotland!

All women are welcome!
If you would like to be involved in the second meeting of UN Women Scotland and help create a   structure for the group join us at: 

Glasgow Caledonian University
Room W828, 8th floor of the Hamish Wood Building

Please RSVP to or call 0131 558 9596

4 - 24 March - Dundee Women’s Festival 2013


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