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Close the Gap has almost two decades' experience of working with policymakers, employers, and unions on women and work. We are experts on the issues which impact women’s participation in the Scottish labour market.

For employers

We work with individual companies, on a confidential basis, to support you to address the pay gap in your organisation.

We can:

  • Support your organisation to identify barriers to women’s progression, and make changes that will enhance diversity at all levels of the organisation;
  • Audit policies and processes to ensure they are delivering a positive employment experience;
  • Suggest changes to workplace culture that may help to attract and retain skilled female workforces; and
  • Offer confidential advice and assistance to employers carrying out equal pay reviews.

You can find more information and links to related resources in our employer section.

For public sector bodies

We work with individual organisations and sector representative bodies to support work to address women's inequality, and to meet the requirements of the public sector equality duty.

We have supported public sector bodies to carry out equal pay reviews, develop equality outcomes and equal pay statements, quality assure equality impact assessment processes, and identify and remove barriers to women's progression. This has included work on flexible working, occupational segregation, and recruitment and selection.

You can find more information and links to related resources in our employer section.

For policymakers

We work with wide range of policymakers working around the labour market, skills and education to provide advice and information on policy development to ensure that women's experience of work is taken into account.

The staff team also participates in a range of working groups, and external equality advisory groups.

Our resource section has a number of reports and papers to provide context and analysis of women's experience of the labour market in Scotland, and more specifically in the key industries and sectors that we currently focus on.

You can find more information in our policymakers section.

For trade union reps

We have worked with a number of individual trade unions to raise awareness of women's inequality at work, and to build capacity among reps to tackle unequal pay, and the gendered barriers that women face with their workplaces.

You can find more information and links to related resources in our union rep section.

For individuals

Unfortunately we cannot offer legal support for individual claimants. But you can find more information on equal pay, the gender pay gap, and pregnancy and maternity discrimination, and where to get support and advice in our individual section.

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