Move to gender pay gap reporting in the private sector is welcome but inadequate

David Cameron recently announced legislation that will require larger companies to publish their gender pay gap figure. Given that 45 years has passed since the equal pay act was introduced, this is to be welcomed. But the publishing of pay gaps alone will not realise David Cameron’s ambition to “end the gender pay gap within a generation”. What it is, though, is a small step towards addressing the disadvantage that women face at work every day.

Shared Parental Leave

On the 5th of April 2015 new shared parental leave regulations came into force across the UK, which enables parents to share leave over the course of a year following the birth or adoption of a child. Parents can share up to 50 weeks of parental leave, by either taking time off together or separately.

FREE Public Sector Equality Duty Seminar for Trade Unions

The public sector equality duty came into force in April 2011 and replaced the gender equality duty.  The new specific duties have just come into force in Scotland. Unions reps will need to know how to use the new duties for the benefit of their members and to ensure equality in the workplace.  

Close the Gap concerned about dilution of equalities law

Close the Gap is concerned about the UK Government’s announcement of measures that may dilute existing equalities legislation. ‘Red Tape Challenge’ was a UK Government web-based consultation on current legislation, carried out with the specific aim of reducing so-called bureaucracy, and which attracted comments from the general public as well as from employers, and equalities organisations.  Following this exercise, the Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, Theresa May, announced yesterday that the government will review the ‘effectiveness’ of the public sector equality duty, and is minded to remove some existing legal protections for employers, and to reduce the role of employment tribunals.

Government U-turn on women’s pension age but millions still to lose out

The UK coalition government has announced that it is to delay the planned increase in state pension age to 66 until October 2020.

Clarification from Equalities Minister on the aims of the Red Tape Challenge

Lynne Featherstone, Minister for Equalities has recently released a statement to reassure stakeholders that the inclusion of the Equality Act 2010 on the Red Tape Challenge website does not mean that the Government wishes to abolish it.

Protect equalities and take the Red Tape Challenge

As discussed in a prior blog post, the aim of the Red Tape Challenge website is to seek your views on the ways in which to, primarily, rid business of the burden of regulations and the bureaucracy associated with them.  

Beat the Red Tape Challenge

The UK Government are asking businesses, organisations and the public to take part in the Red Tape Challenge.

New paternity regulations have come into force

The Additional Paternity Leave Regulations 2010 came into force on 3 April 2011 and mean that fathers* are now entitled to up to six months’ paternity leave on top of the two weeks to which they are currently entitled.

European Court of Justice ruling on gender and pension costs

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that insurance companies will no longer be able to use sex as a factor to determine premiums.